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Tin-Can FAQs

We understand that you have plenty of options for nutritional products in the market, but TIN-CAN Nutrition offers value that is hard to find elsewhere. Not only do we work our hardest to ensure that our blends are clean and made with only the best organic, natural ingredients, but we also offer products that our team is proud of.

TIN-CAN Nutrition only sells high-quality, organic, natural products that give you a natural BOOST of energy. When you choose TIN-CAN, you can trust that your purchase will support your health even more! Aside from our goal of producing high-quality, organic products, we pride ourselves on being packaging innovators! We always think one step ahead, so we commit to zero plastic. We believe in #PlasticMustGo, and when you purchase our TIN-CAN products, you receive your product in a 100% recycled, environmentally friendly package. We are a plastic-free company, and every purchase from our storefront contributes to reducing our collective carbon footprint.
Organic mushrooms are used for more than our desire to have the perfect #SuperfoodBlend! Organic mushrooms have been used in practices such as Chinese medicine since ancient times. These mushrooms are known to have six adaptogens that support our health and wellness. These nutritional powerhouses offer many benefits depending on the mushroom selected for each product.

In our blends, cordyceps is included to provide sustained energy and endurance. Our addition of reishi is perfect for sleep and stress relief, while turkey tail is best known for its ability to protect the gut. Finally, we include shitake mushrooms to help support your immune system and king trumpet mushrooms to fight against inflammation, improve brain health, and reduce anxiety.

Because TIN-CAN Nutrition uses these mushrooms, you can ensure a great start to your day with support from holistic, all-natural ingredients that support your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a healthier alternative to your morning cup of coffee or a mental boost as a professional, TIN-CAN Nutrition can offer you the BOOST you need!
Contrary to what many believe, having fat in your diet is necessary! There are so many benefits to including good fats in your diet. The nutrition industry may have tried to scare us away from fats, but we believe "fat" is an endearing term at TIN-CAN Nutrition!

There are many reasons to choose FATEE (Mct powder) over other products in the market. Our FATEE (Mct powder) product includes many beneficial fats that help you feel more energetic, regulate your hormones, and even improve heart health and brain function. Even better, our FATEE (Mct powder) can help support reductions in inflammation and allow for support with weight management.
Our Hy-Dration 3 is a revolutionary product created from a custom coconut water compound with magnesium, potassium, and sodium to increase your hydration throughout your daily routine. Many people don't realize that the daily sluggishness we feel could be from improper hydration. Our blend is perfect for increasing your hydration levels while enjoying more energy to complete your to-do list for the day!