Our Causes

At TIN-CAN Nutrition, we have the opportunity and responsibility to impact our world positively. As such, we are committed to using our platform to align with our values and contribute to empowered, healthy communities worldwide. While we are a nutrition company, we are also passionate about our role in supporting the environment and promoting a more sustainable world. Read more about our causes below.

To Provide Healthy Options for Our Customers

You are what you eat, so nutrition is one of our top priorities. With the focus on #SuperfoodBlends, our sourcing of organic mushrooms with adaptogens allows you to improve your health and wellness through clean energy. Our commitment to health and wellness allows us to educate, provide, and promote healthy living for all our diverse customer demographics.

The use of mushrooms has become a popular mainstream product for pre-workouts because it increases your endurance and energy. According to studies, consuming organic mushrooms like those found in our proprietary products can also increase the oxygen levels in your bloodstream, contributing 17% more power to your workouts. 

TIN-CAN Nutrition's goal is to serve several demographics: athletes looking for natural energy, busy professionals seeking a mental boost, or even the soccer mom looking for a little energy boost. Our reason for producing our organic mushrooms is to ensure that no matter your story, you have access to healthy energy to live your best life. 

To Protect Our World

One of our most important causes is to protect our world. Plastic is one of the most debilitating products for our ecosystems, so we believe that #PlasticMustGo. That's why we commit to producing a recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. When you purchase from TIN-CAN Nutrition, you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a plastic-free world as we only use tin cans for packaging. 

Our mission to protect the world is a cause that we invite our customers to support. With every purchase, you contribute to less carbon emissions and the future of sustainable packaging. Our commitment is to contribute 10% of profits per can to help fight against ocean pollution and to promote sustainability. In our effort to protect the world, we want to become leaders in plastic-free packaging so that someday, plastic will be a thing of the past!

Our Business is the Way of the Future

TIN-CAN Nutrition can lead the way to a cleaner future in a world that prioritizes sustainability and clean nutrition. By prioritizing individual health and the prosperity of our planet, we are paving the way for beneficial changes. At TIN-CAN, we are proud to serve our communities and to contribute to generous, planet-saving causes. Together, we can ensure that #PlasticMustGo transforms our world and, as a result, our health, too!  

Thank you for taking part in our effort to promote a better, healthier, and more equitable future for us all. To contribute to our causes, click here to shop TIN-CAN Nutrition!